Imperia Invest IBC

Ken Davis called me today on 5/4/2012 get permit from him to put the post from his own video clip to show all you get idea what is cause so want many thank you for Ken Davis allow and permit to me this situation. Tks

Deaf Equipment

Want to say many many thank you to Sorenson help

me out so forward on keep it forever and also too Purple

laptop and MVP and other VP Co. too but not for

hearing bring or give to Deaf for VP no way watch out

what I learn alot through long time from 1970 or 1971

ok. Tks

18 Wheels Truck Driver 2

Already know it that hearing people still stubborn

discrimination to Deaf people cant get an jobs as

truck driver for many years also NAD,ADA,other

are poor did not help in Texas for long time not fair

with other states.

18 Wheels Truck Driver

I had been before as 18 Wheels Truck Driver in

1978 to 1985 but check ideafnews then see it. Tks